People Are Buying Airline Barf Bags For $500

But for a handful of collectors–known as baggists in the industry– the time is ripe to collect vintage vomit vessels from now defunct carriers—and the money were talking for them may make your sick.

Some go for a staggering $500, the Wall Street Journal reports.

They spoke to collector Walter Brinker obsessed with gathering unique and humorous bags from around the world.

A bag from Finnaviation depicts a reindeer throwing up ice cubes; another one from former German airline Hapag-Lloyd states: "Thank you for your criticism." Brinker has another 1930s-era German bag, from before the days of pressurized cabins, that warns: "After use do not throw out of the window."

Bags from obscure airlines sell for more, such as from Anic Airways–a small Croatian airlines–that can go $100-$200 on eBay

One Dutch collector is believe to be the highest price ever recorded for a bag: $500 for an 89-year-old one from the French airline Farman Airways.

Perhaps not surprising, baggists are known to be a bit crazy among aviation collectors.