Payard Cookies' Launch Party

Chef Francois Payard has compiled some of the tastiest cookie recipes known to man in his new book, Payard Cookies.  From hearty granola cookies to delicate coconut finaciers, there is something for everyone.

Upon walking into Payard's shop it was easy to be taken in by the cozy atmosphere. Guests snacked on croque monsieur and macarons as the chef mingled discussing his food. When asked what the most important lesson in baking was chef Payard replied, "You must accurately weigh out your ingredients... if not sometimes you may not get the same."  While the chef has his recipes scaled out in cups for home bakers, he made it clear that professional bakeries weigh out their ingredients for a reason.

The chef continues to give baking tips throughout his book to help the reader.  But that is far from the only reason to pick up a copy when it hits stores on November 3. Thumbing through the chapters you can see sweets for Christmas, classic French cookies, and Italian confections: an abundance of treats!

Grab a copy of Payard Cookies on sale November 3, 2015. You won't be disappointed.