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Pasadena-based Ice Cream Brand Choctál Releases New Multi-Pack Tours

Chocolate and vanilla flavors from around the globe are featured

Choctál, a Pasadena based company known for its single-origin ice cream, just released new multi-pack tours featuring chocolate and vanilla flavors. Each tour includes four 4 oz. single-serve cups of Choctál’s chocolate or vanilla origins, boxed together in a grab-and-go package.

The ice cream company uses only single-origin ingredients and adds more chocolate and vanilla than most ice creams which results in a greater flavor intensity and less added sugars.


Choctál is committed to sourcing high-quality ingredients with no artificial additives, eggs, or gluten and partners with socially responsible companies that focus on sustainable practices in both harvesting and production.

The new Chocolate Ice Cream Tour multi-pack includes Ghana chocolate, full-bodied with a long-lasting, rich, fudge-like essence; Kalimantan chocolate, smooth and intense pure chocolate with a slight nuance of caramel; Costa Rican chocolate, lively, well-balanced cacao flavors rounded by sweet notes of coffee and a hint of butterscotch, and Dominican chocolate, subtle, aromatic dark chocolate with hints of clove and nutmeg on its long finish.

The new Vanilla Ice Cream Tour includes Indonesian vanilla, a classic vanilla–smooth and creamy with a slight almond accent; Papua New Guinea vanilla, fruity, with notes of cherry that linger on the palate during its long, lush finish; Madagascar vanilla, pure Bourbon vanilla with flakes of vanilla beans create a rich, buttery, deep flavor and Mexican vanilla, complex, rich, sweet and spicy vanilla with a hint of cinnamon and a finishing note of coconut.

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