Parallel 37 Teams up With Boisset Collection for Wine Dinner Series

The Boisset Collection includes more than 25 wineries from around the world

Guests will be able to mingle with Rotondo and winemakers during each event.

This April, Parallel 37 at The Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco is launching an exclusive wine and dinner series with Boisset Collection. For the series, chef Michael Rotondo will curate a menu featuring seasonal ingredients from the Bay Area for the perfect wine pairings.

“At Parallel 37, we’re passionate about creating the ultimate food and wine experience for our guests, so we’re very excited to join forces with such an iconic and distinguished vintner portfolio as the Boisset Collection to offer guests an unmatched dining experience,” Rotondo said in a statement.

As part of the series, guests will be able to enjoy wine at Parallel 37 and dinner in the main dining room with dessert at JCB Tasting Lounge in the hotel lobby.

The wine series will begin on April 12 and go through July 20.


Each dinner in the wine series will begin at 6 p.m. and costs $225 per guest.