Panorama Music Festival 2016: LA Comes To NYC For A Weekend

This past weekend saw the debut of the Panorama Music Festival, a sunny three-day adventure of music, food, and drink from the creators of Coachella. It was the Los-Angeles-based group's first foray into New York City, and despite having to compete with a similarly-skewed festival in New York, the festival still attracted a wide array of artists and concert-goers.

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Panorama went out of its way to create a different environment from the Governors Ball Music Festival. Designed to be a much smaller festival, Panorama ended up carving itself out a niche to coexist with Governors Ball. Whereas Governors Ball had more crowds, bigger names, and (ultimately) more energy, Panorama's mix of smaller clouds and slower movers gave it a laid-back atmosphere. If Governor's Ball was New York crystallized into a music festival, Panorama existed to show New Yorkers how the West Coast does music festivals — the vibes were as important as the music.

One of the key parts of creating good vibes, of course, is keeping concert-goers well nourished. Especially given the sweltering temperatures all weekend, New Yorkers were constantly refueling with a wide and interesting variety of cuisines. Smorgasburg favorites came out en masse to Randall's Island; and you know that anyone selling at Smorgasburg is nearly guaranteed to offer top-notch food. In addition, however, Governors Ball staples, such as Arancini Bros, Matchabar, The Beatrice Inn, and Loosie Rouge, also made appearances at Panorama. The result: an amazing and well-cultivated food lineup that consistently wowed.

It took great food and lots of water — gallons upon gallons of water — to keep the party going all weekend. Take a look at some of this weekend's best noshes.