Panera Bread Is Now Selling Lobster Rolls

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panera bread lobster roll
Courtesy of Panera Bread

As we move out of spring and into summer, warm-weather menu items are rolling in. While we enjoy classic seafood dishes year-round, the dog days are all about lobster rolls. This year, you don’t have to travel all the way to Maine for your fix, because surf’s up at select Panera Bread cafes throughout the Northeast.

20 Lobster Rolls Worth Traveling to Maine For

Now through Labor Day (September 2), the fast-casual restaurant is serving a lobster roll jam-packed with knuckle and claw meat tossed in a lemon tarragon mayonnaise dressing. The suggested retail price is $17.99 to $19.29.

Wait — this gets even better. Outposts in the same market are topping the chain’s near-perfect macaroni and cheese with buttered knuckle and claw meat, and crunchy seasoned bread crumbs. A full-size order will set you back anywhere from $15.99 to $17.79. A half-portion costs $9.99 to $12.99 and a bread bowl (wow) is around $11.89.

More than 150 locations are selling these items including Long Island, New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Hartford, Connecticut; Boston and Springfield-Holyoke, Massachusetts; Portland-Auburn, Maine; Manchester, New Hampshire; Salisbury, Maryland; and Providence-New Bedford, Rhode Island. Vermont, which is in New England territory, appears to have been left out of the equation. 

The rest of the country won’t get to enjoy these luxuries either (sorry!), but on the bright side, two other seasonal items just made their debut nationwide. Enter the Summer Strawberry Caprese Salad: a bed of romaine and arugula topped with olive oil, grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, salt, pepper, strawberries and balsamic glaze. Wash it all down with the new frozen cold brew in mocha or caramel.


If you don’t live in the Northeastern corner of the U-S-of-A and you’re really sad about your Panera Bread’s lack of seafood sandwiches, don’t be crabby. There’s no question that Maine has some of the best lobster rolls in the world, but there are 20 more elsewhere that are just as good.