Outback Steakhouse Just Unveiled the Unhealthiest Appetizer in History: The Loaded Bloomin’ Onion

This behemoth is one for the record books

This monster contains more calories than four Big Macs.

We’re no stranger to rounding up insanely unhealthy menu items at chain restaurants, and Outback Steakhouse’s legendary Bloomin’ Onion – an entire colossal onion, sliced, battered, and deep-fried – currently stands on top of the heap with a ridiculous 1,954 calories. This should be more than anyone needs to down in one sitting (or in one day), but the chain just one-upped itself at its own game, unveiling what we can safely say is the unhealthiest appetizer in chain restaurant history.

It’s called the Loaded Bloomin’ Onion, and it’s completely ridiculous: It starts with a Bloomin’ Onion, which is then topped with a serving of French fries. This double-dose of deep-fried insanity is then topped with melted Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses and chopped bacon, and it’s served with sides of mayo-based bloom sauce and spicy ranch dressing. The whole mess clocks in at 2,360 calories, according to the company, more than four Big Macs’ worth.

“As with Outback’s original Bloomin’ Onion, the Loaded Bloom is a shareable, indulgent appetizer that serves 6 people,” the company said in a release. “Come with friends, a big Aussie appetite and enjoy while it lasts!”


Even if six people were to share this monstrosity, they’d each be consuming nearly 400 calories, and that’s just the appetizer! And seriously, how many times will this really be shared by a party of six, as opposed to, say, two or three? Or, more terrifyingly, one?