Our Food Trend Predictions For 2018

2017 has been one heck of a year, and I think that most of us will be glad to kiss it goodbye on December 31. But 2018 looms, and with it a whole lot of unknowns. But today we're not going to predict how the stock market will perform in the year ahead; we're a food site, after all. Instead, we're taking on the far more lighthearted task of predicting which food trends will really catch on in 2018.

Our Food Trend Predictions for 2018 (Slideshow)

We keep our finger on the pulse of the food and drink world here at The Daily Meal, and for the past month or so we've been brainstorming were we see it all heading in 2018. Trends tend to be subtle and gradual; rarely do game-changing bombshells like the Cronut come along out of nowhere and dominate headlines. So it's probably safe to say that 2018's food trends will look pretty similar to 2017's; we don't expect everyone to suddenly start eating mutton, for example.

But extrapolating today's food trends out to how they might look a year from now isn't an especially easy task, so we tapped into a few experts for their predictions, including the chefs at Food & Drink Resources, Fortune, the tastemakers at Whole Foods, and chefs Charlie Palmer, Bobby Flay, and Curtis Stone. Click here to learn what major food and drink trends are in store for 2018.