Pillsbury Cookie Dough Made With Oreos Is Coming To A Store Near You

While it's fun to bake your own cookies from scratch, sometimes you just want an Oreo. If you can never seem to decide between turning on that oven to make your own melt-in-your-mouth treat or just reaching for a package of a childhood classic dessert, you don't have to anymore. Pillsbury is selling cookie dough made with Oreo cookie pieces.

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These sugar cookies are packed with Oreos — it's truly cookie-ception. There are both Oreo pieces and Oreo crumbs in the dough, so you get chocolate and creme flavor and cookie chunks. Honestly, why don't all cookie recipes have unexpected ingredients like more cookies?

The new Oreo cookie dough can either be baked or eaten straight out of the package. That's right, it's totally safe to do so. Earlier this summer, Pillsbury announced that its ready-to-bake cookie doughs and brownies are now made with heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs, making them OK to eat straight out of the package.

Cookies inside of cookies may seem like a wild treat, but the concept is just mouth-watering enough that it may join the ranks of the top guilty pleasure foods we won't apologize for loving.