Oregon's Burrito Brigade Feeds The Homeless

A group of up to 40 volunteers in Eugene, Oregon, known as the Burrito Brigade is on a mission to feed the city's homeless, as long as they're cool with homemade vegan burritos.

Burrito prep begins each Saturday, with 200 pounds of beans, courtesy of volunteer Brian Bray, who spends around eight hours a week contributing to the Burrito Brigade.

On Sundays, volunteers gather at Eugene's First Christian Church to assemble a few hundred burritos, and then distribute them to different parks and homeless encampments.

The burritos contain all vegan ingredients — like kale, sweet potatoes, zucchini, avocados, and peppers — and get made thanks to generous donations from local businesses. Trader Joe's donates tortillas that have just gone past their expiration date, and local residents even donate vegetables from their own gardens.

"It's so beautifully simple," Bray told Oregon Live. "Give us some food and money and we'll make burritos and hand them out to the hungry people of the community."