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Ordering Takeout Food Online During Coronavirus Was Hardest for This Generation

It isn’t boomers
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Although social distancing restrictions have started to ease in certain states, some restaurants have still opted for to-go service only. But a new study reveals that online ordering hasn’t been easy for younger generations.

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The study was carried out by Datassential and surveyed a total of 3,000 United States consumers. The company asked survey respondents what the biggest pain points had been about ordering restaurant food during the coronavirus pandemic and how restaurants can better address those concerns.

The survey shows that ordering obstacles were more common among Generation Z and millennials. Datassential attributes this to younger generations being used to getting information and updates on-demand. The study says they are most likely to notice the inconveniences in getting information about their favorite restaurants.

Around 32% of respondents said they’ve given up on ordering because the website or online ordering process was frustrating. Of Generation Z respondents, 47% said they experienced this. Forty percent of respondents said it’s difficult to determine which restaurants in their area are opened or closed. Of Generation Z respondents, 59% said they experienced this, as did 45% of millennials.


This isn't the only thing that diners struggled with with it came to getting food from their favorite restaurants. Here are more of the biggest pain points related to ordering restaurant food during the coronavirus pandemic.