The Craziest Ways Olive Garden Customers Have Tried To Get More Unlimited Breadsticks

According to a surprising Reddit thread, Olive Garden employees have had to cut customers off from their unlimited breadsticks for a bevy of unusual reasons. On a Reddit thread titled "Olive Garden employees who have had to cut somebody off from unlimited breadsticks and salad, what happened?" tons of responses came pouring in from servers who either work or have previously worked for the Italian-style chain, as well as from Olive Garden customers and from servers who had similar experiences at other restaurants offering "unlimited" menu items.

The reasons ran the gamut: Some customers have stuffed items into their purses; others have waited at their tables to eat more even after they were grossly full; still others have shown up minutes before closing time and expected "unlimited" service on things like breadsticks, salad, and Olive Garden's famous unlimited pasta pass.

"Was working a lunch shift and had a table of 3 come in. All Mid thirties women. I brought the initial bread basket out, turned around and they were gone. Okay, y'all were hungry that's normal. Brought a new basket out and it happened again. Kept bringing baskets of bread, had to be 7 or 8. At this point we're at about 30 breadsticks and the food hasn't even hit the table yet. I start watching and they are putting the bread in their purses," commented Redditor WisePelican about one experience cutting off a table, following up by explaining that the manager came out and asked the customers to stop.

"The manager told me I had reach my limit in unlimited pasta bowls. Apparently unlimited means 9 pasta bowls," wrote Dinosaregaylikeme.

"My girlfriend says only a manager could do it," responded Redditor dubsteponmycat. "The only time they cut someone off was during the unlimited pasta event. He ate so much he couldn't eat anymore but he refused to leave because he wanted to wait until he could eat more."

"Not Olive Garden, but similar," wrote PaganJessica. "My skinny-as-f— uncle once got the 'all you can eat' shrimp at Sizzler and was eventually told he couldn't have any more. The man had easily eaten over 100 shrimp. It was pretty funny."

The Daily Meal reached out to Olive Garden for a comment on the matter. "We love seeing our guests' passion for our unlimited menu items and don't have a limit to the number of refills our guests can request," a spokesperson for the brand said. 

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