Oklahoma Wants To Make Rib-Eye Its 'Official State Steak'

Lawmakers are making moo-ves in Oklahoma. Senator Casey Murdock has proposed a bill that would make rib-eye the state's official steak. The reason? Because the state's 5.2 million cows outnumber the amount of people that live there. Murdock thinks this will create a boom in tourism and benefit the restaurant industry, but others just consider it udderly useless legislation.

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"We've got more important things to focus on. I understand it might be cute, but it's just a waste of time. We have other things to do," an Oklahoma City resident identified only as Kareem told ABC 57.

"They could be working on education instead of thinking about steak names," Brent Thrasher told the outlet. But Murdock, who is also a rancher, seems to believe otherwise.

"I don't want to say it's a cheerleading bill, but it's promoting an Oklahoma product," the senator told ABC 13. "We get beat up on different issues. We're last in education, we're last in this and that, and we need to promote what is good in that state also."

As far as other symbols go, Oklahoma's already nabbed strawberry as its official fruit, watermelon as its official vegetable, the scissor-tailed flycatcher as its official bird, the saurophaganax (aka "lord of lizard-eaters") as its official fossil and milk as its official beverage. But that isn't all the Sooner state has to offer. Here's a list of the best food and drink in Oklahoma.