This NYC Restaurant Is Serving a Thanksgiving Turkey Infused With 160-Proof Vodka

‘We tried tequila, since we’re a Mexican restaurant. It didn’t fly’

An NYC restaurant is selling a roasted turkey infused with 160 proof vodka to its guests for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Selena Rosa Mexicana restaurant in Manhattan is serving a Thanksgiving turkey infused with 160- and 151-proof vodka before and after roasting. The Mexican restaurant is bringing their roasted Devil’s Spring vodka-infused 20-pound turkeys tableside to diners, who then get to choose what Georgi vodka flavors they would like injected into their bird. They have the option of pineapple, apple cider, green apple, French vanilla, or coconut.

“We like doing fun and creative things,” Sam Musovic, a bartender at Selena Rosa, told the New York Daily News. “The drunken turkey was an off-the-wall idea that stuck." The creative move was clearly a success, as the restaurant revealed to The Daily Meal that as of today they have sold 50 turkeys. And with the festive fowl scheduled to remain on the menu until November 26, that number will continue to increase even after the holiday.

Selena Rosa

Besides offering two-sides with their $39.99 turkey, the restaurant is providing a free taxi ride home to any of the five boroughs for anyone who orders this liquor-laced affair. Prefer a teetotaling turkey? Here are 25 ways to cook a turkey, and most of them don’t include booze!