Swiss Cheese Ice Cream Is A Thing That Exists, Thanks To This Legendary Shop

This news is not for the lactose intolerant. New York City institution Murray's Cheese is celebrating the second birthday of Annelies, one of their Cavemaster Reserve cheeses, by turning it into a flavor of ice cream. This delicious raw cow's milk-flavored treat is rare not only because it's a cheese-flavored ice cream, but because it's been aged for more than a year. "Our normal iteration of Annelies is aged for one year, so this two-year-aged beauty is a rare occurrence to get your hands on," a Murray's spokesperson told The Daily Meal.

According to Murray's website, Annelies, made exclusively for Murray's by Swiss cheesemaker Walter Rass, is a mild cheese with flavors of roasted hazelnuts, vibrant alpine grasses, and with lush undertones of butterscotch and cocoa. All of that sounds like it would make for a pretty tasty ice cream — they had us at "mild cheese."

Customers will be able to lick up the rich and delicious cheese-flavored dessert thanks to Oddfellows Ice Cream Co, which helped develop the flavor. Oddfellows will be scooping this rare cheese ice cream flavor for customers at all of their New York City locations for $5 a scoop beginning Thursday, August 2, and continuing through Sunday, August 5.

Should you be walking past Murray's Cheese, the store will be giving out samples of Annelies ice cream at their Bleecker Street flagship location and their Grand Central Market location exclusively on Thursday, August 2, as well.

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