New Zealand Worries About Potential 'Chipocalypse' As Potato Supply Drops

A potential potato chip shortage is threatening New Zealand as many potato processors are reporting crop losses due to long periods of wet weather. It is estimated that around 20 percent of potato crops have failed. The North Island area is expected to be the hardest hit, with supermarkets already reporting that there will be issues stocking shelves with potato chips.

"Our suppliers have said that there could be fewer potato chips supplied in the coming months," a spokesperson for New Zealand supermarket Countdown told the The New Zealand Herald. "However we will work directly with our suppliers to manage this."

A PaknSave shopper posted a photo to social media of a sign in the supermarket apologizing for the problem.

"Due to a nationwide potato shortage, we will be having trouble stocking potato chips. This will likely last until the New Year. Sorry for the inconvenience," the sign read.

People responded to the tweet and to the news of the rainy season crop failures as the "Chipocalypse".

Although he may have told the Herald that chip brands will most likely be experiencing difficulties, the chief executive of Potatoes New Zealand, Chris Claridge, took to Twitter to clarify the issue.

"It's been raining lots. Potatoes don't like too much rain. Yes, you will have potatoes for Christmas," he promised. Everyone knows that Christmas dinner involves many potato-centric dishes. So hopefully New Zealanders (and anyone else) will still be able to serve potatoes any of these 25 ways for the holiday.