This New Thomas' English Muffin Flavor Is Certifiably Bonkers

Apparently English Muffin Day exists, and in honor of its imminent arrival on April 23, Thomas' has just released its latest limited-time-only creation. It's a bacon buttermilk pancake English muffin, and it's about as bonkers as it sounds.

We had the opportunity to sample the new product, which will only be available for six weeks, and aside from the odd concept, it's actually pretty enjoyable. The new creation is studded with little flecks of (soy-based) bacon, which which is sadly more noticeable visually than in terms of flavor. The texture is slightly moister than the standard English muffin (in a nod to pancakes), and the maple syrup flavor and smell is the most prominent feature (each muffin has four grams of sugar). There's some buttermilk in there too, but it doesn't impart much in the way of flavor. The overall effect is a slightly sweet, slightly savory, slightly moist English muffin, and the ideal topping is just a pat of butter.

Should you decide to check these out for yourself, you certainly won't be disappointed, but you won't be blown away, either. While we wish that the bacon flavor was slightly more pronounced, the addition of real bacon would mean they'd need to be refrigerated, which isn't ideal. If we had to sum up the flavor in one word, though, it would probably be "breakfast." We're glad we tried it, but we'll be sticking with the Sandwich Size for our English muffin needs.