A New Restaurant Favorite: Till & Sprocket

Till & Sprocket, located between the busy avenues of 6th and 7th in Manhattan on 30th street, is looking to bring not only good food, but good vibes to the community. The area is turning into more of a fast food strip for all of its busy patrons, which means if you want a trendy restaurant/coffee shop with art appeal, you probably have to travel down to Soho. Alex Bernstein, owner of Till & Sprocket, saw a void that needed to be filled.

The menu is new American cuisine and while this may sound simple to some, a properly executed meal is hard to come by. The charcuterie board that the meal began with was certainly a highlight; the perfect balance of cured meats, mellow and sharp cheeses, with sweet figs to accompany them. An unexpected menu item was the fava chips, which are exactly what they sound like. The chip is a thinly sliced fava bean which is then dried to crispy perfection.

An entrée highlight was the short ribs and polenta. The meat truly does fall right off the bone, and the creamy polenta was the perfect accompaniment for the rich sauce.

The end of the meal was equally enticing, with thick ricotta cheesecake and a fresh berry tart. If you are looking for an excellent slice of cheesecake, not New York-style, this is a must on the menu. Beautifully baked with candied citrus peel dispersed evenly throughout, this dessert is beautifully crafted. Anthony Briatico, the operator of Till & Sprocket, uses his knowledge of the food world to enhance this venue.

But if you're looking for a place to relax midday, there is another side of the menu to explore. In the morning, you can drop in for a large coffee and signature quiche while reading the newspaper. Regardless of when you choose to frequent, Till & Sprocket you are sure to be swept off your feet by this new hidden treasure in Midtown.