New Jersey Sandwich Shop’s Stoner Santa Ad Sparks Backlash

Fat House’s faux Santa wants to give you the munchies
fat house

Yelp / Stuart T.

Fat House in Belleville, New Jersey wants you to burn one down.  The fast casual joint, which offers gluttonous sandwiches, recently released an advertisement featuring Santa delivering marijuana baggies to residents of “the hood,” thus enabling their “munchies” (when you get hungry for junk food after smoking weed).

“Because if we don’t eat, it’s impossible for us to stay high in the sky delivering Christmas gifts,” faux Santa says in the video, which has been posted to the business’ Facebook and Instagram.

The 60-second spot also shows a person in a Rudolph mask attempting to smoke a blunt. Naturally, the internet is divided over the controversial commercial.

“You lost customers with this s---- video. Maybe a nice push to close your business down. Funny you wanted sympathy when one of your homies held you up right a-------?” Shawn Anne wrote in the comments. Fat House simply responded, “Have a happy holiday (kissy emoji).”

“You DO NOT advertise your business promoting illegal drug use! It’s just that simple! There are many other ways to promote your business!” Joanne La Stella wrote.

Others found humor in the marketing strategy, and some even called it “genius.”

“Never heard of Fat House until today! Just saw it on the national news. I will definitely stop by next time I am in Belleville,” Sean Campbell said.

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“This is so f------ epic,” Fred Smith marveled.

“I’ve never wanted a sandwich more in my entire life,” Misty D. Rose revealed.

The Daily Meal has reached out to Fat House for comment.

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