Nacho Fries Are Coming Back To Taco Bell January 24

Taco Bell's most successful menu item ever is making its triumphant return this month. Nacho fries will be back at Taco Bell nationwide beginning January 24 ,the company announced in a release. 

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Last year Taco Bell sold over 53 million orders of nacho fries nationwide since they were introduced to the public after a successful test run in West Virginia and California. The fries — seasoned with Mexican spices, served with a side of warm liquid cheese sauce and priced at only $1.29 — were so coveted that the brand ran out of them after extending their limited run. Now they're coming back.

To kick off the nacho fry excitement, on January 18, Taco Bell "fryologists" will be handing out nacho fries to unsuspecting customers from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at select locations in California, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

If you're not one of those lucky customers, you'll have to wait a few more days to order nacho fries at any Taco Bell nationwide. As per usual with nacho fries, they're a limited-time item. Luckily, that doesn't stop them from being the most popular item at this chain restaurant.