Pringles’ New Mystery Flavor Tastes Like Some Sort of Meat and Cheese

We had a lot of different guesses for what it could be
mystery pringles
Image modified: Courtesy of Pringles

This summer, Pringles is releasing a brand-new mystery flavor exclusively at Walgreens, and one lucky fan will win a cool $10,000 grand prize if they correctly guess what it is. Previous mystery flavors have included Jalapeño Bacon, Sweet Chili Tango and Jamaican Jerk, so it’s looking like the big reveal will be pretty specific.

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Ahead of the competition, The Daily Meal received a sample from our friends at Kellogg’s — Pringles’ parent company — and we put our taste buds to the test. We kind of rejected the chips’ odd taste at first, but we also couldn’t stop eating them and eventually decided that they were fine. The flavor certainly has a meaty component, as well as cheese.

“It kind of reminds me of chicken ramen,” one editor said. “It has that fake chicken flavor.”

Other editors hypothesized that it could be ham and cheese (like the ones found in kid-favorite Lunchables), fried chicken and biscuits with gravy, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, chili cheese dog or bacon and cheddar potato skins. There are lots of different ideas here, but one thing we know for certain is that these potato crisps are both meaty and cheesy.  

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Pringles’ new mystery flavor will be sold at Walgreens only for a limited time now through July 30. Consumers can submit their guesses online at until August 13 for a chance to win the all-cash payout. Just make sure you keep the receipt! You can’t enter the contest unless you submit a photo proving that you actually bought the product. You also have to register for Kellogg’s Family Rewards program, but that’s free. A grand prize winner will be revealed on or around August 18. If our analysis wasn’t enough to inspire your own ideas, perhaps these 15 international potato flavors will.