The Most Popular Trader Joe's Item Is This Asian-Inspired Sauce

While it may seem like there is a new cult-favorite Trader Joe's item every month, some products are consistently more popular than others. And as it turns out, TJ's shoppers across America tend to especially love one particular product. Customer service software company WorkWise compiled Google search interest data on the top-purchased and most-searched-for Trader Joe's products in every state and found that the supermarket chain's Sweet Chili Sauce is the most popular Trader Joe's item in America.

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WorkWise's data discovered that TJ's Sweet Chili Sauce was the top product in 13 states including Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia.

The sweet dipping sauce which features a blend of chiles and garlic is known for pairing well with Trader Joe's frozen appetizers — especially their Asian-inspired dishes.

The second most popular Trader Joe's product is their Macaron Variés. The recent customer favorite is the top TJ's product in 10 states. Surprisingly, Everything but the Bagel seasoning came in third place as the favorite in nine states. We're only stunned it didn't make number one, because we know how much Trader Joe's customers love their seasonings.

Other most-popular Trader Joe's products include their vegan banana bread, key lime pie, kung pao chicken, and frozen spanakopita. It's no wonder a few frozen dishes made the list — when paired with something like TJ's Sweet Chili Sauce, these Trader Joe's products can really save weeknight dinner.