The Most Popular Food Delivery Request By State

In much the same way you might ask for extra hollandaise sauce or for the dressing on the side when you're at a restaurant, online orders also have special requests. But when you're picking the toppings for your turkey sandwich or specifying how much sauce should be on your pasta, it may surprise you that a lot of other people in your state are making the same requests.

Uber Eats just released their 2020 Cravings Report, and a lot of Americans ask for the same things in their online orders. The report did not include Alaska or South Dakota because while both states have UberEats, it was too newly launched for reliable data. Here are the most popular delivery requests in every state.


Sitting at a community table for a hibachi-style dinner may not be feasible in the wake of coronavirus. Although this might be one way restaurants will look different post-pandemic, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy chicken fried rice at home. Alabaman's top request was for "extra yum yum sauce."


Guacamole is an easy dip recipe that's perfect for summer, but apparently Arizona residents don't want it. Their top request was "no guacamole."


Easy chicken dishes are great for home-cooked meals because you can make as much as you want. It's good for takeout, too. As it turns out, Arkansans main request was "add chicken."


Pico de gallo may be a great topping for Mexican recipes, but Californians can do without it. Their top request was "no pico de gallo."


Maybe it's just because the restaurants they're ordering from aren't the best Mexican restaurant in their state, but Colorado residents, like their neighbor Arizona, do not want guacamole.


Whether they've packed the perfect picnic complete with fresh summer salads or they need a little bit more to get those greens down, Connecticut dwellers' top request is "extra dressing."


Cucumber adds a refreshing flavor to mocktails everyone loves, but when it comes to cucumbers in a meal, the people of Delaware don't want it. Their top request was "no cucumber."


Some foods you should eat every day (like leafy greens) need to be spruced up with added flavors — perhaps that's why Florida residents, like Connecticut, have been requesting extra dressing with their online orders.


Whether they're ordering the iconic breakfast food bacon, fries or fried chicken, we do know that Georgians' No. 1 request is to make their food "crispy."


Rice is a staple for delicious, hearty dinners, and Hawaii residents want more of it. Their top request is "all rice."


Learning how to chop an onion without crying takes some effort, so hopefully the food service workers in Idaho are champs at it. Idaho residents' top request is to "add onion."


Flavor abounds in Midwestern meals. But that may not be the case everywhere. Illinoisans' top request for online orders is "plain."


There are a lot of meals you can make with lemons, and one of the best ways to add zest to your plate is by seasoning with lemon pepper. The people of Indiana request "extra lemon pepper."


There are quite a few Mexican dishes you might not know about, but pico de gallo is one part of the dishes that you probably have heard of. Iowans don't want it, though. Their top request is "no pico."


Sonic has been Kansas's favorite fast food during coronavirus. As for the state's top request on online orders, "extra fry sauce" is the winner.


If you've eaten some of the best chicken sandwiches in America, you might have had the same request as the people of Kentucky: "extra pickle."


When you make fast food copycat recipes at home, you can leave out certain ingredients you're not a fan of. Louisianans are likely leaving out the cilantro as "no cilantro" is their top request.


Salt and vinegar may not help lower your blood pressure, but it sure does taste great on a sandwich or chips. Maine residents' top request was salt and vinegar.


Whether they're ordering from one of the best Italian restaurants in the U.S. or they need extra marinara for the mozzarella sticks they ordered, the top request in Maryland was for extra sauce.


Rather than cooking or grilling steaks at home, it looks like Massachusetts residents are ordering their steaks to-go. Their top request was "well done."


One way to upgrade chicken so it isn't boring is to add a sauce. In Michigan, the top request is for honey mustard.


Spicy chicken sandwiches are one of the top foods of 2020, but in Minnesota, the top request is for "medium spicy."


Quite different from Minnesota, Mississippians are requesting "extra hot sauce" more than anything else.


An easy way to make a simple weeknight dinner a little more interesting is by adding a crisp salad on the side. Missourians want extra dressing with their orders.


Olives might be one of those items you skip at the grocery store because they're a bit pricey or because they're an acquired taste. In Montana, the top request was "no olives."


Leftover vegetables are great for sprucing up new meals, but when you're ordering out, veggies aren't all that fun. Perhaps that's why Nebraskans' top request was "no veggies."


There is a lot of history behind our favorite Mexican dishes, and while many Americans might think of salsa as a hot red sauce, it actually refers to any sauce used on a taco. Regardless, the top request for people in Nevada is for "no salsa."

New Hampshire

If your perfect home-cooked meal doesn't include a lot of spicy seasonings, then your online order probably doesn't either. That's how it is in New Hampshire, at least, where the top request is "mild."

New Jersey

They're sticking to the basics in New Jersey, where the top request is for salt, pepper and ketchup. If you forgot to order these extras, you probably have them in your pantry.

New Mexico

Many of us have been there — we order an iced latte or macchiato and the cup is filled with more ice than coffee. Perhaps that explains New Mexico's top request of "easy ice."

New York

Maybe New Yorkers are ordering bagels more often than the rest of the states because the top request in the Empire State was "toasted."

North Carolina

North Carolinians are looking for "extra white sauce" with their delivery. While white sauce is a common pasta topping, white barbecue sauce is a regional barbecue specialty from Alabama.

North Dakota

Sour cream is a great way to tone down the spiciness of grilled chicken tacos or a peppery burrito bowl. North Dakotans' top request is for "extra sour cream."


Cutting out unhealthy foods from your diet is one habit that can keep you young, so maybe that's why Ohio residents are asking for "light sauce" as their top request.


There are a lot of great burgers in the U.S., and it looks like Okies are ordering them based on their top request of "add mustard."


Restaurants are still in various stages of reopening, and chances are if you live in Oregon and are ordering Asian cuisine, your top request is "no bean sprouts."


Pennsylvania prefers a bit more flavor, because the top request in the state was for salt and pepper.

Rhode Island

Rhode Islanders' top request was for blue cheese — a yummy addition to salads and extra flavoring for steaks.

South Carolina

The best pasta dish in South Carolina may be the pappardelle from Wild Olive, but the top request for online orders was for "extra white sauce."


Tennesseeans were the only state to request something that wasn't a food. Although their official state drink is milk, their top request was for "sweet tea."


Whether they're ordering burgers, grilled cheese or even salads, Texans' top request was to "add cheese."


Utah, like Arizona and Colorado, wanted "no guacamole" with their online orders.


Like Rhode Island, Vermont residents want blue cheese. Their top request was "extra blue cheese."


Virginians want "extra mayo" with their online orders.


Eating leafy greens is a good way to get your fiber in, but the people of Washington don't want it with their online orders. Their top request was "no salad."

West Virginia

West Virginians were very specific — they want "two ketchups" with their online orders.


Wisconsinites do love their cheese, so it might not be surprising that the state's top request was for "extra queso" with their online orders.


The people of Wyoming want one thing: "no jalapenos." That's understandable given they can add too much spice. But that heat doesn't compare to Nashville chicken, which is among the top food trends of 2020 (so far).

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