The Most Outrageous Canned Dog Food Brands

6) Fromm

This is some high-end stuff. So high-end, in fact, that their canned Shredded Pork Entrée for Dogs doesn’t just give the name in English, it also gives it in French. Start feeding this stuff to Sparky, and he’ll come running as soon as you shout "Plat de porc émincé!"

5) Evanger

According to their website, Dr. Evanger began making food for his champion Great Danes in 1935, and over the years things have gotten pretty serious. Their Super Premium line includes offerings like Duck & Sweet Potato Dinner and Lamb & Rice Dinner, and their low-fat Vegetarian Dinner contains potatoes, carrots, peas, blueberries, and cranberries with brown rice. There’s also a whole "Game Meats" department, which includes pheasant, rabbit, and buffalo.

3) Blue Buffalo

This line of wheat-free pet food is quickly gaining in popularity, and its offerings run the gamut from pretty straightforward to downright bizarre. On the latter end of the spectrum, they’ve got Irish Lamb Stew, Turducken, Mom’s Chicken Pie, Shepherd’s Pie, Backyard Barbecue, and Turkey Day Feast, which must have been developed to keep your dog from getting jealous on Thanksgiving. 

2) Petropics

Petropics' Tiki Dog line gives dog food the laid-back, Hawaiian treatment, and their website actually features glamor shots of the dog food as if it were on a Red Lobster menu. Most of their products start with a base of brown rice, sweet potato, egg, garlic, and kale with consommé (although we don’t think garlic is the best thing to be feeding a dog), and mix it with shredded chicken, crab, sardine cutlets, ahi tuna, whole shrimp, or salmon. Honestly, if we were dogs and were fed "Lahaina Luau" daily, we’d be bragging to all our friends at the dog run about it. 

1) Weruva

"People Food for Pets," brags this brand’s tagline, but these offerings might better be described as "Pet Food for People." Their canned offerings honestly look like delicious bowls of soup, and we’d bet money that some drunk person somewhere, sometime, ate a whole can of it without realizing that it was intended for the dog. "Human-style" offerings (seriously) include Grandma’s Chicken Soup, Peking Ducken, Marbella Paella, and "Bed and Breakfast," which contains chicken, egg, pumpkin, and ham in gravy. 

4) Merrick

This brand prides itself on selling pet food that’s "worthy of a fork," an obvious play toward those who secretly want to eat dog food. Their solid food is pretty straightforward, but their canned food gets a little nuts. Their Brauts-N-Tots "comes with everything but the sour kraut, lederhosen, and a stout pint of German ale," according to their website; the Cowboy Cookout comes with beef, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, and even Granny Smith apples (meant to evoke apple pie?); the Wingaling swaps out beef for chicken and Granny Smiths for Red Delicious apples; and their Smothered Comfort includes "slow-cooked chicken thighs that have a soft texture that can be easily broken apart by hand or fed whole."