The Most Beautiful Restaurants in the World

These restaurants are stunning inside and out

Italy's Grotta Palazzese is set into a cliff overlooking the Adriatic.

What exactly makes a restaurant “beautiful”? Is it the interior design? The views? The exterior? Or some combination of all of the above? The answer is most likely even more complicated than that; beauty isn’t just something that’s seen, it’s experienced, and when you’re experiencing beauty, you definitely know it. If you visit any of these 12 restaurants, you’ll definitely experience some serious beauty.

The Most Beautiful Restaurants in the World (Slideshow)

Do you think a plain old croissant is going to taste better in a dingy old basement or, say, the gardens of Versailles? When we’re eating in a beautiful setting, all of our senses are engaged, we’re more in tune with our surroundings, the food tastes better, the company is appreciated a little bit more, and we’re also more willing to spend some money. Eating a beautiful plate of food in a beautiful dining room with a stunning view? It’s enough to forge a memory that lasts a lifetime.

To compile this list, we started by looking for restaurants that have racked up design awards and accolades, as well as ones that are simply renowned for being stunningly beautiful. When a restaurant is this beautiful, people tend to take notice, and plenty of people have noticed these. We made sure that these restaurants don’t just look beautiful on the inside, they also afford some great views. And as for the food? Well, what’s the point of dining at a nice-looking restaurant if the food isn’t great? These restaurants aren’t just stunningly, extraordinarily beautiful, they also serve some of the finest food on earth.


Additional reporting by Emily Alford.