Montchevre Launches NSF Non-GMO True North Certified Goat Cheese and New Branding

Goat cheese lovers, listen up!

Goat cheese and avocado toast is an unbeatable combination. 

Montchevre, the leading producer of goat cheese in the United States, has unveiled new packaging, a new logo, and a new National Science Foundation (NSF) non-GMO True North Certified goat cheese.

Montchevre receives milk from more than 350 independent family owned farms and offers a variety of traditional, aged specialty, and seasonally inspired goat cheeses nationwide.

The new logo features an illustration of a mother and baby goat playing. "By giving more character to our logo and packaging, Montchevre hopes to better engage consumers," said co-founder Arnaud Solandt. "We strive to be an approachable brand that offers quality goat cheese for everyone, and look forward to a future of non-GMO goat cheese production."

The company recently launched it's best selling line of 4 ounce NSF non-GMO True North certified goat cheese logs including natural, garlic and herb, flour pepper, honey, cranberry, cinnamon, blueberry vanilla, tomato basil, Peppadew, lemon, fig and olive, jalapeno, and pumpkin flavors.

Founded in 1989 by Arnaud Solandt and Jean Rossard, Montchevre began as a small company in a cheddar plant in Preston, Wisconsin. Today, Montchevre is the leading goat cheese producer in the United States producing more than fifty variations of goat cheese from more than 350 local family farms.

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