Mile End Deli Launches Poutine Week

Mile End Deli's annual Poutine Week starts today, so through New Yorkers will be able to indulge in Canada's famous topped French fries through Saturday.

There are five poutines on the menu this week, including a new one created in collaboration with Instagram celebrity Josh "The Fat Jew" Ostrovsky. That one is a plate of French fries topped with beef tongue, salami, bacon, cheese curds, gravy, and hot dog slices.

All the poutine dishes are $20, and Poutine Week will be happening at both Mile End Deli locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and at the Mile End pop-up deli at Three's Brewing in Brooklyn.

The full menu includes:

The Fat Jewish Poutine

Fries, beef tongue, hot dog, salami, bacon, cheese curds gravy

Chilaquiles Poutine

Fries, fried egg, red onion, cilantro, cheese curds, salsa verde, crema

Philly Style Roast Pork

Fries, roast pork, broccoli rabe, cheese curds, gravy

Italian Poutine

Fries, smoked meat bolognese, fresh mozzarella

Smoked Meat Burger Poutine

Fries, chopped smoked meat burger, red onion, american cheese sauce