Oreo Celebrates Mickey Mouse's 90th Birthday With Special Cookies

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In case you haven't heard, Mickey Mouse is turning 90 this year, and the Disney icon is getting a special birthday cake made for him in the form of an Oreo. Indeed, everyone's favorite chocolate sandwich cookie has teamed up with everyone's favorite cartoon for a new limited-edition Oreo.

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In honor of Mickey's birthday on November 18, Oreo's Birthday Cake flavor is getting a celebratory makeover. While the festive filling (flavored like birthday cake icing and sprinkles) and the chocolate cookie will taste the same, the cookies will come in a special 90th birthday package and feature three adorable Mickey birthday designs. The special cookies are stamped with the Mouse himself in a birthday hat, a noisemaker or a big block 90.

Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday is turning out to be a big deal. Sugarfina also created a line of special candies to mark the occasion, Pepperidge Farm released special Mickey-shaped Goldfish crackers, and we're sure more food brands will be teaming up with Disney for fun treats as the big birthday comes even closer. And if you didn't know that Mickey Mouse was so old, we bet you don't know these other fun Disney facts either!