McDonald's Posted An Optical Illusion To Facebook And People Are Not Lovin' It

McDonald's UK shared an optical illusion on their Facebook page to promote their McNuggets, but many Facebook users are complaining that it hurts their eyes. Black and white lines conceal the words "Bring McNuggets" on a picture captioned "Tag a mate who should read between the lines" — but the problem is, no one can bear to look at it for more than a few seconds.

The top comment on the post reads, "that's just messed up my eyes, thanks mcdonalds." (To which they callously responded "#sorrynotsorry".)

Another Facebook user offered a tip as to how to read the message without straining your vision. "Tip to anyone trying to strain to read this," they commented. "Just out stretch your arm and hold your phone far away from ur face and u can see it clearly says bring mcnuggets ur welcome saved you straining your eyes to death for several minutes."

The optically irritating photo was also posted on Twitter, and Twitter users had similar negative reactions to the advertisement hurting their eyes.

Hopefully McDonald's will forget about this harmful advertising strategy and stick to what they know best: making some of the 10 most memorable fast-food commercials.