McDonald's Menu: Healthiest Chicken Choices

Looking to eat healthier? Try these McDonald’s menu items

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The McChicken contains only 370 calories. 

Fast food (needless to say) has a reputation for being extremely unhealthy, but chicken in general enjoys the exact opposite reputation. For that reason, when fast food chains are looking to build a healthier menu option, they usually head away from ground beef and towards chicken. And if you’re looking to eat healthier at McDonald’s, we recommend you go the chicken route, too.

Here are the five healthiest chicken choices at McDonald’s, according to calorie count. And remember, stick to grilled chicken, not fried, and definitely not McNuggets!

#5 Buffalo Ranch McChicken
Calories: 370
Fat: 17 grams
Sodium: 850 milligrams
Cholesterol: 40 milligrams

#4 McChicken
Calories: 370
Fat: 17 grams
Sodium: 650 milligrams
Cholesterol: 40 milligrams

#3 Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich
Calories: 350
Fat: 9 grams
Sodium: 820 milligrams
Cholesterol: 65 milligrams

#2 Premium Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken
Calories: 290
Fat: 8 grams
Sodium: 680 milligrams
Cholesterol: 70 milligrams

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#1 Premium Bacon Ranch Salad with Grilled Chicken
Calories: 230
Fat: 8 grams
Sodium: 700 milligrams
Cholesterol: 85 milligrams