UPDATE: No, McDonald’s Isn’t Selling McNuggets by the Bucket

This news was just TOO good to be true

Three years ago, Japanese McDonald’s in Niigata Prefecture sold buckets of 48-piece McNugget meals in collaboration with girl group NGT48.

UPDATE: Fake news isn’t just reserved for politics. Even seasoned food journalists can get duped by the frenzy of news around the web, us included. When we saw a story about McDonald’s selling a 48-piece McNugget meal in a bucket, naturally we were very excited. We emailed McDonald’s, but in the meantime saw that some of our favorite food sites around the web had already published stories about this miraculous food item in Japan, so we ran with it. McDonald’s got back to The Daily Meal on Friday, August 24, to say that the story was right, but it was actually three years old and they had no plans to do it again.

We still wish McDonald’s would bring back this wonderful sounding promotion, only this time to America where it’s already been hyped. However, the only musical group we might have with a ton of people to promote it is Brockhampton.We seriously regret the error.


It’s our fast food dream almost come true. McDonald’s is selling McNuggetsby the bucket. You would think this KFC-like dream meal would be made in America, but this 48-piece bucket of nuggets is being sold only in Japan as a collaboration with Japanese girl band NGT48.

According to Foodbeast, McDonald’s Japan has collaborated with the group before, giving out 48-piece nugget buckets to fans in 2015. We’re assuming the 48-count of nuggets is a nod to the group’s name, which is pronounced N-G-T-forty-eight. According to Joyscribe, the massive meal will only be served in Japan’s Niigata Prefecture and each bucket will contain limited-edition NGT48 trading cards. If you’re trying to collect them all, that means you need to order 25 buckets! That’s a freak-ton of chicken.

The bucket of McNuggets — which is literally all we’ve ever wanted by the way — will be available in McDonald’s restaurants beginning December 1 in Niigata and nowhere else. Not even in America, where we love chicken McNuggets so, so, much.

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