McDonald's Burglar Climbs Through Drive-Thru Window, Steals Drinks, Snacks, And Money

Surveillance video captured a woman breaking into a Maryland McDonald's via the drive-thru window. The Baltimore Sun reported that the burglar took drinks, food, and money during the robbery. It is currently unclear as to whether or not she acted alone.

The video begins time-stamped around 1 a.m. and shows the suspect leaning into the window to look around and see if any employees are around. She then uses the soda machine to get herself a drink. After climbing through the window, she disappears, presumably into the kitchen. She returns with a large box full of food and with her shirt pulled over her head to hide her identity. She then pushes the box through the window, and the video skips ahead two minutes, to where hands from outside the restaurant grab the box and leave.

Unfortunately for the burglar, the surveillance camera was able to get a clear shot of her face during the heist. Police are currently asking anyone who recognizes her to step forward. They did not report how much food or money was stolen. We wonder if during her time in the kitchen the thief made any of these McDonald's menu mashups!