McDonald's Revamps Its Build-Your-Own-Burger Program After Finding It 'Did Not Resonate With Consumers'

McDonald's has changed the name of its build-your-own-burger program from TasteCrafted to Chef Crafted, and replaced two of its less popular styles with new options, the company has revealed.

"The original name, 'TasteCrafted,' did not resonate with consumers," McDonald's spokesperson Lisa McComb told Bloomberg. "We decided to celebrate our chefs who have created these recipes and highlight the culinary expertise of our in-house and supplier chefs."

As for the new flavors, McDonald's is looking to bacon to save the day — maple bacon Dijon and buffalo bacon have been added to the menu, while hot jalapeño and "deluxe" are no more.

The "Chef Crafted" bacon Dijon sandwiches will include maple bacon, grilled onions, honey Dijon sauce, white Cheddar, and lettuce; while the buffalo bacon sandwich includes blue cheese sauce, buffalo sauce, smoked bacon, tomato, and lettuce.

At the moment, an estimated 200 McDonald's locations have been chosen to test  the Chef Crafted program, while others are testing the TasteCrafted program, although McDonald's did not specify where.