McDonald’s Packaging Redesign Aims to Evoke Simplicity and Freshness

In a continuing effort to become “modern and progressive,” McDonald’s has updated its packaging to be more eco-friendly
McDonald’s Packaging Redesign Aims to Evoke Simplicity and Freshness


Hoping to boost its appeal in an increasingly competitive fast food market, McDonald’s is trying a new look. 

In a bid to appear as modern as its competitors, McDonald’s has introduced a packaging redesign that the company hopes will spell out a more health-conscious and environmentally friendly outlook to customers.

The new packaging will feature bright, relatively minimal typography on brown paper bags instead of McDonald’s well-recognized red and yellow logo on crisp white bags, which must be dyed.

The updated look is part of McDonald’s continuing effort to become a “modern, progressive burger company,” a phrase often touted by CEO Steve Easterbrook, who announced plans to execute a full turnaround for the struggling chain after his predecessor, Don Thompson, stepped down from the position in early 2015.

In October, the company reported its best domestic sales performance in two years. Recently, the brand enlisted an architecture firm to design McDonald’s Next, a concept restaurant in Hong Kong featuring an exposed kitchen and more sophisticated menu options, like quinoa and asparagus.

The redesign is currently being introduced across the United States, with rollout across global locations to follow.

“The new look is simple, fresh and consistent with our vision to be a modern and progressive burger company,” a McDonald’s spokesperson said, echoing Easterbrook’s standard line. 

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