McDonald’s Debuts a Sriracha Burger

McDonald’s is slathering its classic Big Mac with sriracha sauce at test locations in Columbus, Ohio

 McDonald’s has finally caught onto the sriracha craze.

Is a spicier Big Mac in our future? McDonald’s is testing out a Sriracha Big Mac in 126 select locations in Columbus, Ohio. The sandwich is topped with a mixture of the classic Big Mac sauce and the spicy rooster condiment.

The Sriracha Big Mac is also currently being sold as a customized burger test at 600 locations in San Diego, Seattle, and Los Angeles, according to CNBC.

“This is a milestone for McDonald’s,” a McDonald’s spokesperson said in a statement, explaining that this is the first time ever the chain has tinkered with the basic ingredients of its classic Big Mac to create an entirely new flavor profile.

Customers will also be able to order a sriracha dipping sauce for fries and McNuggets.


This isn’t the first transformation the Big Mac has undergone recently. Last week McDonald’s announced that the sandwich would be released starting next year in mini and giant sizes to match varying appetites.