Martha Stewart: This Blogger 'Has Turned Pie Crust Decorating Into An Art Form'

Culinary goddess Martha Stewart declared via Instagram that Karin Pfeiff Boschek is a pie crust visionary.

The artist, cook, photographer, and founder of Our Delicious Food had a photo of one of her gorgeous pies Instagrammed by Stewart — followed by words of effusive praise.

"@karinpfeiffboschek has turned pie crust decorating into an art form," Stewart wrote, captioning a stunning pie covered in flowers and leaves meticulously crafted from pie dough.

It only takes a brief scroll through her Instagram feed to see that the Martha-approved artist is a remarkable talent in the kitchen.

The cook-slash-artist photographs her pies pre- and post-bake to show how her gorgeous artwork develops after some time in the oven. Her impressive designs range from flowers to leaves to hearts and stars. Although she does not always list what is inside of the pies, they seem to be mainly fruit and just as delicious sounding as they are pretty to look at.

It's no wonder that her elaborate work has caught the eye of baking aficionado Martha Stewart. They seem like the perfect sweet addition to any holiday dinner affair. We bet Boschek's decorative pie crusts would cause major envy at any Thanksgiving gathering.