Marshmallow Moon Oreos Will Be Out Of This World

This summer marks 50 years since man first landed on the moon. There'll certainly be anniversary celebrations aplenty, and even Oreo is getting in on the fun. Marshmallow Moon Oreos will rocket onto store shelves in mid-June in advance of the July 20 anniversary date.

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The Space Age treats are filled with purple marshmallow creme and are embossed with three different moon-landing-themed designs. One features an astronaut, one a rocket, and another the moon and stars. They are sold in glow-in-the-dark packaging and include sticker sets marking the 50th anniversary.

There's really no need to buy ordinary Oreos all summer, because the Marshmallow Moon Oreos are far from the only new flavor coming to stores soon.

Cookie-eaters can take a coffee break when Oreo Thins Latte, the thinner version of Oreos, are released in June. The new flavor is a permanent addition to the Oreo Thins line, and features a latte-flavored creme filling.

In the heat of summer, just when ice cream is feeling like an everyday necessity, Oreos will partner with Baskin Robbins for mint chocolate chip Oreos. These cookies feature both mint-flavored and chocolate-flavored creme filling, dotted with chocolate chips. Look for them in stores in mid-July.

In late August, maple-flavored Oreos will arrive. This limited-edition cookie features maple creme filling and golden Oreo cookie wafers. Share with your favorite Canadian, eh?

While these flavors are all scheduled to arrive this summer, one flavor available right now is perfect for camping season. The limited-edition S'mores Oreo sandwiches marshmallow and chocolate creme between graham-flavored cookies. With all of these twists on the classic cookie emerging this summer, Nabisco seems determined to add to the list of craziest Oreo flavors ever.