Man Robs Waffle House After Eating Breakfast There

On Thursday morning, a man ordered and ate breakfast at a local Waffle House in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and then used the energy from his meal to rob the restaurant.

The man, believed to be in his 30s or 40s, entered Waffle House around 3 a.m. and ordered breakfast from the bar. After he was finished eating, his server handed him his receipt. The man responded with his own note on a napkin, demanding all the cash in the register.

The man left the restaurant after he was given the cash, and was seen driving away in a Ford Ranger.

Police are now searching for the thief, whom Waffle House staff told police they did not recognize. This particular robber's mystique proved quite helpful executing his crime, while another restaurant robber had the unfortunate luck of being entirely too familiar to staff.

That robber, a young man in Japan who tried to steal from a yakitori restaurant around 1 in the morning, was the restaurant's own manager. He was arrested shortly after being recognized by one of his employees who asked, "Aren't you our manager?"