Man Owns A Piece Of Princess Diana's 36-Year-Old Wedding Cake, Says It 'Looks Really Bad'

John Hoatson loves Princess Diana. In fact, he loves her so much that he has a $500,000 collection of 13,000 items related to the late princess. His obsession dates to 1981 — the now 44-year-old was only eight at the time — when his mother placed him in front of their TV to view the hours-long wedding ceremony of Lady Di and Prince Charles.

"I fell in love with (Diana) right then. She was the prettiest person in the world," Hoatson told the Tampa Bay Times. "I followed her my entire life. I loved her humanitarian work. I had a photo of her on my nightstand throughout college."

When Diana died, Hoatson wrote people who knew her in hope of gathering remembrances. Friend and confidante Simone Simons sent signed birthday cards, a T-shirt, and a notepad Diana acquired while vacationing at Barbuda's K Club. His favorite piece though, is a slice of Diana's 36-year-old wedding fruitcake, which he tells the Tampa Bay Times, "looks really bad." Its box bears the signatures from the princess' bridesmaids, India Hicks and Clemmie Hambro.

And no, he's never taken a bite of the cake.

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