avocados ripley phone

Man Pays for $399 Smartphone With Avocados

That’s a lot of (avoca)dough
avocados ripley phone

You'll never guess how many avocados this man brought to the store.

In a totally Instagrammable barter, a man in Chile successfully purchased an expensive smartphone from a local department store using only avocados.

Ripley, the Chilean department store involved, may have brought the unique exchange on itself with a promotion listing three prices for a Motorola Moto X4 phone: an in-store price, an online price, and a price converted to kilograms of avocados.

Most online shoppers might have written this off as a joke — but not Camilo Briceňo. He posted a video to Instagram accepting the offer and asking to set up the logistics for a trade.


In his caption, he wrote what translates to, “I accept the challenge. Where can I leave them? @elweondelaspaltas wants that Motorola! Where do I deposit avocados?”

@elweondelaspaltas is Briceňo’s Instagram handle, which, loosely translated, means “The Avocado Guy.”

To Camilo’s surprise, the Chilean store similar to Target replied. Ripley’s official account left a comment on the man’s video that read, “Good @elweondelaspaltas. We meet tomorrow at 12:00 pm at Ripley Parque Arauco. You bring the avocados and we the cell phone.” They included three emojis with their message: an avocado, a heart, and a cell phone.

Now, if you’ve heard of the ridiculous going rate for avocados these days, you might think this was logistically pretty feasible. I mean, how many avocados would it take to suffice for a $399 price tag? Four?

It took 127 pounds of avocados to make the trade. Enough to make months’ worth of avocado recipes, no doubt. But Briceňo showed up, bags of fruit in hand, and received his cell phone. Twitter user @JavierJMED tweeted a photo to document the occasion, featuring Briceňo beaming, holding up his new Android smartphone.


After making good on its word, Ripley removed the avocado price listing from their website.

The Daily Meal has reached out to Ripley for comment.

As for Briceňo, he will likely continue to adore avocados, if his Instagram feed is any indication. He sells avocados from his home and often posts photos and videos expressing his admiration for the fruit.


This millennial might be onto something with his obsession. Avocados are more than just trendy — they’re super healthy, too!

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