Make the Best Stuffing Ever by Using This 1 Store-Bought Ingredient

Bagged stuffing will never be boring again

Stuffing (or as it’s known when it isn’t stuffed into anything, dressing) is one of the unsung heroes of the holiday season, an easy-to-make side dish that requires little effort, especially if you’re using the bagged version. It serves as the perfect counterpoint to ham and turkey, and is also an ideal filler if you’re looking to pad out a smaller meal or leftovers. Store-bought stuffing can be a little bit lacking in the flavor department, however, but we’ve got one trick that’ll give your stuffing the umami kick it so desperately needs: chicken base.

Instead of using regular chicken or turkey stock in your stuffing, opt for the no salt added variety. This way, it’ll take on all of that rich flavor but none of the saltiness. Stir in a couple teaspoons of chicken base (we’re fans of Better Than Bouillon) to even out the salt level, and at the same time provide a rich, deep, chickeny boost that will make this stuffing the best you’ve ever had.

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Oh, and if your gravy is also tasting a little bit wan, a dollop of chicken base will work wonders.