Look At What Happens You Eat Chipotle For 152 Days

After eating chipotle for lunch everyday for 152 days, Andrew Hawryluk has posted a photo of what the food has done to him.

Hawryluk's odyssey began after he told his brother he was going to eat Chipotle everyday for lent. After the forty days of Lent passed, he just decided to keep going.

He gets the exact same dish from Chipotle every time: white rice, chicken, guacamole and lettuce topped with Tabasco chipotle sauce. He adds a photo of the dish and his receipt to his website, Chipotlife, everyday.

"It's cheap, it's consistent, it's delicious," he told Business Insider.  "You know what you're getting every time."

Well, let's take a look at what this routine has done to Hawryluk.

This Chipotle based diet seems to have worked fine for Hawryluk. To be fair, his constant lunch dish is 605 calories, which isn't that much when it comes to an average Chipotle meal.

Hawryluk is also conscious of his health when not eating chipotle and tries to stay fit.

"When all's said and done, I'm only 23 years old and have a naturally fast metabolism, so I kind of have a free pass to eat whatever I want for the next few years," writes Hawryluk on his website.  "However, I do exercise regularly so I guess that helps as well."

Hawryluk said he isn't sick of chipotle and plans to keep this routine going. It doesn't seem to be ruining his physique, so we will wait and see how long he can keep it up.