On London’s Hot List: Bunnychow

Soho restaurant finally puts South African food on London’s culinary radar

Bunnychow in London won the 2015 Best Breakfast Awards earlier this year.

One would think that one of the world’s most diverse cities would have plenty options for South African dining, though the reality’s been a bit bleak. Recently however, Bunnychow owner Atholl Milton, a born-and-bred Londoner, has made South African fare both visible and in-demand in the English capital

A tiny, modern restaurant in Soho, Bunnychow recently unveiled a new menu in homage to the African nation’s native dish “bunnychow.” Traditionally, hallowed quarter loaves of white bread are filled with spicy curried meats or beans.  Here, you can choose between white, wholegrain, or brioche bread, stuffed with savory ingredients such as mutton curry, raita, and mango chutney (the Durban Bunny); and pulled pork with Piri Piri sauce (the Piri Piri Pork Bunny).

The Full English Bunny (sausage, bacon, mushrooms, tomato, black pudding, fried egg, and spiced beans-) is, by far, their most traditionally deviant version. However, it’s the one that put Bunnychow on the map all over the city and country — the restaurant received honors for creating U.K.’s “Most Innovative Breakfast” by the 2015 Best Breakfast Awards earlier this year.

If you’re not able to jet off to Cape Town or Durban to feast on this cheap and cheerful dish, let Milton’s Bunnychow be your next encounter.  

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