This Little Kid's Reaction To Getting A Banana For Christmas Is Just Too Adorable

Holiday gifts for children don't have to be the latest gadget or the hottest new toy — take it from this little guy.

Twitter user Dustin Griffie gave his 2-year-old nephew, Mason, a perfectly ripe-looking banana all wrapped up in a gift box for Christmas and the little boy's reaction is one of pure joy.

"I got a banana!" you can hear Griffie's nephew repeat, holding the fruit in the air with pride while dressed in his Christmas jammies. "I'm going to take it home!" he shrieks.


"I gave my nephew a banana for Christmas," he wrote. "I had avocado levels of success." If you're wondering what "avocado levels of success" are, you must first be familiar with an older viral video of a little boy receiving a wrapped avocado and responding with a perfunctory "Thank you" instantly recognizable as more of an "Ugh, why?" to anyone who has ever received a terrible present before.


But such is not the case with banana boy, who is genuinely ecstatic about his gift. Since the video was posted to Twitter, it has received 267,000 retweets and 717,000 likes. Plus, everyone thinks this kid is just the cutest.

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