Little Caesars' 'Crazy' New Appetizer Is Loaded With Bacon And Four Types Of Cheese

Little Caesars' Crazy Bread ranks high among its top sellers; according to the company, if you lined up all the Crazy Bread sold every year, it would circle Earth three times. So it only makes sense to take the snack to its most calorific extreme and load it up with bacon and cheese. Little Caesars has done just that, and the result — Loaded Crazy Bread Bites — is, well, crazy.

To make this limited-time-only gutbomb, bite-size nuggets of Crazy Bread are topped with (or "enrobed in," to put it more accurately) a combination of nacho-style Cheddar cheese sauce, shredded Muenster and mozzarella, and grated Parmesan, followed by a healthy dose of chopped bacon. It's constructed in a way that every bite seems to have an even distribution of toppings, which was impressive, and when we gave it a taste test (for science, naturally), we can't say we weren't pleased in that fast food, cheesy, bacony kind of way. The bread was soft and chewy, and the cheese sauce played nicely with the shredded cheeses, even though the bacon and Parmesan colluded to make it a bit too salty for our tastes (sliced pickled jalapeños on the side help to cut through the richness). Overall, it almost resembled a pasta dish in a gonzo sort of way; we could see the bread being easily replaced by gnocchi.

These will definitely hit the spot if you're looking for a big bowl of cheese, bacon, and carbohydrates, and the balance and construction makes it clear that this is the work of fast-food flavor-optimizing professionals. We suggest you share it, though; it's exactly as filling as it looks.