Learn How to Cook Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes with SaltedEats

New ingredient and tutorial food service helps home chefs create great meals

Home cooks can recreate their favorite restaurant dishes with SaltedEats. Featured: lemon chicken with Greek Yogurt and Eggplant.

Have you ever wanted to impress a date, your in-laws, your boss, or someone special with your awesome cooking skills? Now it’s easy with SaltedEats, offered from the instructional cooking website Salted. The new venture delivers everything you need, including instructions, to make a great home cooked meal.  Available exclusively in LA, SaltedEats lets home chefs re-create signature dishes from top restaurants. There’s even a video with each featured chef teaching home cooks how to make their signature dish.

Menu items change weekly and include all of the ingredients needed delivered right to your door. Each week both a meat and vegetarian recipe are offered. Home chefs order by Wednesday night at midnight and the ingredients are delivered the following day by 6 p.m. All ingredients are locally sourced and pre-portioned and will remain fresh in the fridge for 4-5 days.

Two big pluses with SaltedEats include that no subscription is required, diners can order whenever they desire, and that orders come in single serving sizes so solo cooks as well as those cooking for families can order as much as they require.

SaltedEats chefs are some of the most acclaimed culinary talents in Los Angeles. They include Jared Levy (Eveleigh), Fabian Gallardo (Petty Cash), Louis Tikaram (EP & LP), Zoe Nathan (Huckleberry), Eric Greenspan (Mare, Greenspan's Grilled Cheese), Steve Samson (Sotto), Neal Fraser (Redbird, BLD), Nyesha Arrington (Leona), Christian Page (Cassel's Burgers), and many others. 

Home chefs can order ready to cook dinners at www.saltedeats.com.


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