La Brea Bakery to Honor Thanksgiving Heroes

Not everyone is guaranteed a holiday filled with feasting and family

La Brea Bakery is an artisan bread bakery.

For many, Thanksgiving is a day devoted to friends and family, sharing the bounties of the year with those who matter most in our lives. The preparation may last for days, with careful selection of the linens, cherished place settings saved for just this occasion, extensive menu planning, baking all those glorious pies, and delegating the remaining dishes. But not all are able to participate in this treasured tradition.

That’s because someone has to keep the world spinning while the rest of us pause for the day.

Whether it’s the local police officer, nurse, health care facility employee or restaurant worker, not everyone is guaranteed a holiday filled with feasting and family. They’re charged with a greater purpose, and they should be honored for this sacrifice they so willingly make. This year, La Brea Bakery ensures that they are.

La Brea Bakery—the artisan bread bakery consumers have relied upon for 26 years for incredible baked goods—is running a promotion where you can nominate your Thanksgiving Hero. These are the people you know and love who selflessly spend their Thanksgivings in the service of others. From all those nominations, La Brea Bakery will select 5 finalists to receive fully catered meals so that they, too, can be a part of the celebration. What a fabulous way to give thanks!

It’s about time everyone gets a place at the table this holiday season! Make sure you nominate your Thanksgiving Heroes so they will be in the running for the recognition they so greatly deserve.