shrimp recall
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Kroger Recalls Cooked Shrimp Because It Might Be Undercooked

Some of the chain’s subsidiaries carried the products as well
shrimp recall
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Don't eat these shrimp products.

A bunch of shrimp products are being recalled because they could pose a health hazard to those who consume them due to the fact that they were all labeled as cooked, but may actually may be undercooked. According to a release, the potentially risky seafood is branded Aqua Star and was sold at Kroger stores in Central and Northwest Ohio, Northwestern Virginia panhandle and Michigan, in addition to Kingscoopers, Frys and Smiths stores.

Tips for Avoiding Food Poisining

Kroger, which owns the aforementioned subsidiaries mentioned in the recall, warns that customers who purchased any of the affected items should not eat them because they could be contaminated by spoilage organisms or pathogens from not being fully cooked. Instead, they’re urged to return them to the store for a full refund. At the time of this writing, the Food and Drug Administration has not listed the recall, which could be due to the lack of funding caused by the government shutdown, the organization explains on its website.

Here are the shrimp products currently under recall:

  • 2-pound Sand Bar Peeled / Cooked Shrimp 26/30
  • Shrimp Cooked, Tail-On 26/30 Frozen Service Case
  • Shrimp Grab & Go Service Case
  • Shrimp Cooked 26/30 Seasoned Service Case
  • Shrimp Cooked Tail-On 26/30 Frozen Service Case
  • Shrimp 26/30 Cooked Service Case
  • Shrimp Cooked 26/30 Seasoned Service Case
  • Shrimp Cocktail 26/30
  • 2-pound Peeled Cooked Shrimp 26/30

All items were produced on August 25, 2018, or August 26, 2018, and have “sell by” dates of August 25, 2020, or August 26, 2020. Anyone with questions or comments can contact the Aqua Star Consumer Hotline at 1-800-232-6280. Here's hoping that 2019 doesn't rack up as many recalls as last year did.