KFC's New Hot Honey Chicken Is Their Boldest Flavor Yet

KFC is at it again with the Southern-inspired flavors, and this time they've gone a little sweet and a little spicy. Kentucky Fried Chicken has launched a brand new menu item, Hot Honey Chicken, and it's hot and sweet — just like the Colonel.

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Inspired by the culinary landscape of the Southern U.S., the Hot Honey Chicken combines golden honey with mild peppers for a sweet and spicy combination for the ages.

The Daily Meal staff was lucky enough to try the new Hot Honey before it hit the stores, sampling the sauce on some extra crispy tenders. And as with the pickle fried chicken before it, we were big fans.

"They were addictive! I had to give mine away so I didn't scarf the whole thing," one editor commented. "I like spicy food so I would have liked them to be hotter, but I think they struck a nice balance between spicy and sweet."

/KFC_Hot_Honey_Tenders.jpg]spicier than KFC's other offerings. "I was expecting them to be more honey-flavored, but they were actually really spicy. Hotter than the Nashville Hot, I think." But the honey half of Hot Honey did come through, helping to sweeten up (and cool down) the eating experience.

Unlike some other KFC sauces and spices, Hot Honey is sticking around on the menu for the foreseeable future. It joins the three other Southern-inspired flavors (Nashville Hot, Georgia Gold and Smoky Mountain BBQ) as a saucing option on Crispy Colonel Sandwiches, Extra Crispy Tenders, Chicken Littles and Extra Crispy Chicken. And if you didn't know that KFC had all of these menu items, you may not know these other facts about Kentucky Fried Chicken.