Kellogg's Limited-Edition Unicorn Froot Loops Are Cereal Goals

As we near the year's end, it's apparent that the unicorn food trend has yet to fade away. The world's obsession with sparkly rainbow food has prompted the release of another pastel product in the form of cereal: Kellogg's Unicorn Froot Loops.

The new limited-edition breakfast cereal comes in a fabulous pink box decorated with a Lisa Frank-esque unicorn. Its contents are pink, purple, and yellow. As of now, Unicorn Froot Loops are only available in the U.K. at Asda, but the company plans to release them to other surrounding retailers in coming weeks, according to The Sun.

Kellogg's U.K. and Ireland division tweeted a photo of the product on Sept. 13, stating it would be available for purchase the very next day. "Omg a bowl of this washed down with my fairy juice (unicorn emoji) (heart eyes emoji) what will the price be?" @GoonerKJP asked. A representative for Asda informed the mystical tweeter of the product's cost: £2 ($2.70).

According to Kellogg's, one regular cup of Froot Loops contains 10 grams of sugar in just one cup. It joins the list of 10 breakfast cereals that have as much sugar as candy.